Web & Graphics Design

We take great pride in customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality in web and graphics design for any type of industry. We cater to whatever your business needs require from small business to corporations. With the use of the latest software we can supply custom design, user friendly admin, security and sameday updates. From the most basic to the most advanced we can fit your needs and your budget. Please take a look at some of our sites that we have published.

For any questions please email us at info@lostmexican.com.


MyCali Clothing

MyCali Clothing is a branch of Lostmexican Clothing. Its a way of living relaxed, fun, and strong. Our clothing mainly focuses on the current and up to date designs and styles, wether its a clean design or a controversial design we make it our own. We currently offer our t-shirt and hat line online. And in some certain occassions at a convention or local event, were you will find the loudest and funnest booth. We at MyCali were all family, just take a look at our picture albums. And if you currently have one of our shirts or hats please email us a picture posted up anywhere so we can post it online.


We also offer for those wanting to start there own t-shirt line and have a drawing or idea on paper, we can convert that to a clean vector file to be ready for the screener(screen printer).


Promotions are a way for us to make local business thrive on new customers and to get more foot traffic to his or her place of business. Our promotions will provide the necessary entertainment and advertisement needed to make it successfull to the business owner. We pride ourselves in providing a great experience, professionalism, and loyalty. We want to help out any way we can wether its a bar, restaurant, office, or club our goal is your future.

Some of our loyal affiliates include Taqueria Guadalajara , and Zitios Bar and Grill located in Woodland, CA.

Contact us for more details at info@lostmexican.com.

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